TRICIA: a 3 Leaf Design

INSPIRATION:  So got inspired by a sassy Metal casted neck-piece I downloaded a while ago. To make my new piece,  decided to transition the project to BEADS Only with my signature to it.
I kinda lost the sketches somehow(I scribble a
But When I got back to it, leaf inspirations  flooded my thoughts…A 3 leafed design seemed great.
I made  the 3- headed leaf Earrings, and it’s Neck-piece too

Now, I  need a name, .. TRICIA comes to mind!

So..Get your materials ready, lets make  TRICIA!

Idea: Think of a leaf

Here are materials you will be needing for TRICIA

The Necessary (must have):

  • 8 pcs of 10mm rounds
  • 11/0 seed(size 2 seeds)
  • 0.30mm fishing line or corresponding Fireline
  • Size 12 needle

2 pcs of 10mm crystals
4mm crystals
11/0 glass seeds

Let’s get started

Step 1:
Cut off a comfortable length of thread, attach a stopper bead to one end.


Step 2: The Circle

Pick up a 10mm, and 6 pcs of size 2 seeds, pass back into the 10mm from the opposite end.

Pick up new 6pcs, pass back into the 10mm

You just made a circle!

Well, notice the space on the circle?, we need to close it.

Step 3: Closing the Circle

Now pass the needle through the first 6pcs added earlier till you get to the first space.

Pick up 2 seeds, and pass to the next seed.

You just closed a space !

Go ahead, pass through the seeds to connect to the next space.
Pick new 2 and connect.

And you have finally closed the spaces.

That’s a perfect Round..well, let’s continue

The Next Circle

Step 4:
Now pick up a string of 11 beads (here I picked 9 seeds,a 4mm and a last seed)

Step 5: My Little Picot
Pass back into the 8th seed picked and you just made my little picot.

That seemed easy

Let’s continue..
Go on, pick 7 new seeds.

Pass into the next 3 seeds closest to the string.

And You just made the second circle but with a picot.
This is the first Leaf!

Now we need to add a 10mm round in the center to fill the hollow.

Step 6: Fixing the Leaf
Pick up a new 10mm and a seed, pass diagonally into a seed (Here I passed diagonally into a seed closest to the picot).

Yes! The Leaf is Fixed

Now pass the thread through the seeds to connect to the first circle.

We need to add a new leaf to the piece..Let’s continue

Step 7: Repeat The Next Circle 

To make a new circle, repeat step,4 then step 5 to add my litle picot

then step 6 to fix the leaf

And the second leaf is done.

Step 8: Rinse and Repeat
We need to add a 3rd leaf, go ahead repeat step 7

And you have this. 

I made another 3 leaf in deep blue.

Step 9: Complete it
This step is optional, make a second pair of Tricia for earrings or make lots of Tricia , join for a prefered Neck piece.


Here is my TRICIA Earrings..
And the Neck Piece

Now,How do you add the Ear hooks for your Preffered Earring?..uhh, well, i don’t know the type of Ear hook you picked(the type depends on how it is fixed)..but fixing Ear hooks are not difficult at all

I will make a video on how I made this Earring

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel  HERE  to get an update when I put it up

And you’re done!


photo credit: @derannies

Have fun Always…

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