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Hey Friends…it’s been a long time we had fun, making free beading projects tutorials, and Asoebi gist’s, trends and so on. After i lost the server of beadingcrush, was so heartbroken but anyway, life goes on.

For the fun of sharing what I love, decided to start all over.  And that was the solution.. I may be in the kitchen cooking some of my favorite soups, or dreaming at night …yet the bead ideas continue to build patterns in my head.. lol

Anyway,i’m working on my dream all over again yes!

If you’re alive, thank God immensely and pursue your dreams..

This is 2019, and Welcome to Beadingcrush! ,   a community where we share beading ideas, projects, craft work .  We have a shopping page too?  check our page Here

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Uhh… To all my Friends, if we haven’t officially met, my name is Sharon Chinedum-Gbadamosi, and I know Beads. I decided to build a website where I can share my beading Passion each graceful day…. Wait! I’m also a Medical Laboratory Scientist.. don’t get me wrong, I’m passionate about my profession still passionate about my hobby/business.

Anyway, I still find a way to manage the 2

So this bead-frenzy, this is how it all started:

Sometime in 2008, my Sister brought home some beads she bought and for the first time I picked the colorful beads, made a Neck length of Right angle weaving with no supervision. (I didn’t know jack what I was doing, the colours prompted me..lol. Eventually I found out the technique I did was right angle weave) hence the passion started.

Ideas were conceived; whenever I get  back from school (was in university then) will sketch designs, other nights, work the designs.

During the weekends, will make little brooches, bangles and share to friends the following week…gradually i became the ‘sought-for bead Lady’.

I made Bead pieces for Friend’s Nikkah, Traditional wedding...it was so much fun…I read my school books too..lol

Medical School postings came and i got serious..except on weekends..i could breathe. Fast forward to few years later, I made a lot of Beaded Neck-pieces, earrings, bracelets, Bead Cuff-links and beaded sandals for friends and I.

Got a workshop in the house, started working on Beaded slippers/Sandals from scratch (longest time of my beading service..it was so time consuming..lol) . 

Finally I graduated from the University, NYSC came. During my NYSC(National Youth Service Corps) programme, as part of my community development activities, on a whim  I wrote a book on beading titled ‘101 Guide to Beading and Wireworks’. I sought for sponsors , launched it and the book attracted a lot of attention from both public and private sector, and corporate bodies and private individuals.

With the aid of the book as a resource material, I collaborated with the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Education Authority and trained a total of 300 female students from 3 different Government Secondary Schools in Abuja, in September, 2015 on how to make and earn livelihood from beads and wireworks.

At the end of the training, a starter pack containing the resource book and some materials for beading and wireworks was handed over to each participant.

 I was heavily supported mentally by my Manager then Now Husband..lol, (don’t get curious, Love happened but it’s story for another day..lol)

I conducted several other trainings and the same model was repeated. An example is at Dukku/Nafada in Gombe State of Nigeria where I trained 25 young women. I have been able to follow up on most of the participants and I am excited how some of them are making livelihoods from the skill.

It is most satisfying seeing Lives transformed by the value you spread.

When it gets busier and stressful at the hospital ..I remind myself that someone out there is making better decision by the love we share….don’t get me wrong, sometimes I cannot come and kill myself. I need to breathe too.

The experience gained in all the trainings have motivated me to publish a second book titled “ ‘BEADERs’ LOOKBOOK: A step by step Guide to Beading” as well as conduct more trainings via our social pages on Facebook/ YouTube/Instagram in order to reach other beadlovers grossly distributed in various regions.

Gradually it became a business and I needed to treat it as one. You know beautiful things make money but you need Gusto, commitment and Passion to be successful at anything you do.

Basically, my passion through this scheme is to enhance the capabilities and choices of both vulnerable and potentially vulnerable young women within my sphere of influence for the purpose of breaking down socio-economic barriers and promote social inclusiveness.

So far till date we have reached, helped and connected to thousands of Girls and young women who are constantly updating themselves with our trainings.

You know you can make money with Beading?…Yes a lot are concerned with Market Saturation but if you have the strategy to work it, it will bring you More.

We have consistently improved our training programme to include important aspects such as market access strategies on how to sell the beads, pricing, branding, setting a beading work-space and identifying unique selling point to achieve an optimal result.

You are Not alone, if you have something to share, Someone will learn!

While you teach, be an example and Be in Good Health

This biography is too long…Lets talk bead Next. For Now Have fun and make a new piece..lol

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