5 Helpful ways of Getting Appreciation for Your Beadwork as a Beginner

So I will be talking about 5 Helpful ways of Getting Appreciation for Your Beadwork as a Beginner while enjoying yourself

Starting a beadwork business as a beginner is a great idea in choosing a business direction. With different colors to pick from, beads types, engaging processes, easy to do projects and appreciation for Arts, a lot of beginners start beaded jewelry as a hobby, make one or 2 sells and then decide to make it a business.

With Social media, it is now easy to meet people interested in beadwork, engage with them, make sales, gain customers and grow the business. Only that that is the idea but not so easy to pull off in a short time.

This is a challenge for beadsters as over time with no sales made, frustration begin to set in (we got bills to pay). Some eventually drop the business to pursue other interests. I know this because I have had my share of frustration with the tidal movement of making sales too.

So starting a beadwork business and making sales as soon as you get started is not so easy to pull off. The basics to grow are You will need to seek advice, help, read a lot of practical provoking business books on setting a strategy too to start riding your niche boat. There’ re a lot of muse/Inspiration, Bead influencers on social media that can inspire you to get your aesthetic right but they didn’t get where they are without working hard.

Getting these set up, don’t forget your overall goal: Making sales while loving what you do (Remember it started as a hobby)

So once you post your beadwork on your social page, with the right amount of practicing the basic strategy , customers will eventually see what you have on the table. Once the interest of your audience is caught, you can engage with them and make sales

An indirect way but untold strategy that will eventually lead to making sales is ‘getting Appreciation for Your Beadwork’. Receiving the right amount of interest will definitely open up potential doors to sustaining your bead business.

The benefits of getting the right amount of interest

  1. Social media algorithm (instagram) automatically picks your increased traffic to expose your business more to people interested in beads
  2. You gain trust with your engaged audience
  3. You will have an audience that will turn to potential customers
  4. You make sales vertically and horizontally

So I explain 5 Helpful ways of Getting Appreciation for Your Beadwork as a Beginner while enjoying yourself.  Get your notebook, and start jotting..

Let’s get to it

Tip 1: Your Beaded piece must have a clean finish.

A lot of times, Amateur bead pieces are identified by irregular Neck shape inconsistent with the bead design or blunt ends of cut threads sticking out(This can rip a cloth, pierce and hurt the skin to a customers’ dismay) and a noticing thread path. The noticeable thread path is a common mistake made by beginners especially in right angle weaving because of the nature of the right angle.


When you have a remaining thread on your design, snip neatly with a pair of scissors, then use a burner to melt the blunt end.

To cover your thread path, pass the thread in a right angle direction. But when the mistake is made throughout the design, either loosen the entire piece or get findings to close up the spaces.

When the neck shape is irregular, this could be as a result of the inconsistent size of the beads used. Go ahead, loosen the entire beadwork and select the right size of beads. To achieve the design of choice, after each row of length, increase the bead size.

Tip 2: The bead story

Every beadwork has a story and people interested in Art tend to appreciate a story behind a project. , it could be how you got inspired to use colours, what the design means to you, Breaking barrier with your choice of interest or how the bead technique became the best choice or anything. So tell a story about your bead project.

Tip 3: Give a detailed description of your beadwork

Describe the patterns and techniques used, how long it took to complete the project and list the materials you used.

Tip 4: Customize a package

A Package is important in your business,  it could be part of your unique selling point. Having a Branded package that describes your signature design is crucial to gaining the interest of a potential customer. Reminisce on the ‘ohh, ‘wow, ‘this is awesome, moment when a customer opens his/her package, then make a package representing your Brand. Although sometimes it could be a lot of work for the stay-at-home one-person business. You can buy an already made package in your local store and customize it to taste.

Tip 5: Good Photography

Visuals and good presentations are everything both online and offline. Get a good clear background consistent with your Brand and snap snap snap to get the photo for your new post. You may need to install an editing app to enhance the Quality of your shots and create a lasting impression.

Bonus Tip: Gaining Trust

Engaging with your followers, answering questions and posting valuable /believable contents is a way of gaining the trust of your potential clients. So next time you get on social media, be real and intentional.

So that is it for today, perhaps I missed something that you feel should be added to this Tips, Feel free to share your feelings.

Have fun and bead your Best!

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